Thompson Hennessey & Partners is built on a foundation where clients receive individualized and conflict free advisory services from an experienced senior management team. Our leadership has seen first-hand how large national and global real estate firms may compromise a tenant’s interest when it suits the property owner, who often serves as a major source of revenue for the firm. That is a good example of a conflict of interest.

Through our standardized processes, our Tenant Advisory Services are designed to provide the occupier of space with independent guidance and better tools to negotiate the best lease or sale terms that meet their corporate needs – not the needs of the building owner. Our experience in representing landlords and managing large full service real estate firms, allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective and understanding of issues during a negotiation while also offering them an inside look at what the other side of the negotiating table is thinking.

We believe that commercial real estate is “Not Just About Rent,” but includes numerous other issues that can greatly impact your business. These issues include: sublease rights, expansion and renewal rights, GAAP rules, workspace design, construction costs, audit rights, economic incentives, base year operating reviews and electric expenses.

There is a reason that the lease a tenant receives from the landlord is often over 100 pages long – AND written by the landlord’s attorney, for the benefit of the landlord. At Thompson Hennessey & Partners, we read every lease and review every clause to ensure that the playing field is equal and that our clients can be assured that their lease document has been negotiated to ensure the Tenant’s rights are being protected. Our lease review process alone has saved tens of thousands of dollars for clients in the past.

Tenant Advisory Services Include:

  • Strategy & Needs Assessment
  • Relocation
  • Renewal
  • Site Comparison
  • Lease Review and Audit
  • Custom In-House Market Research
  • Financial Modeling
  • FASB Analysis
  • Lease Administration
  • Workspace Review & Analysis