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Legacy Real Estate Advisors

Legacy Real Estate Advisors is a highly specialized practice group of Thompson Hennessey & Partners created to provide real estate advisory services to High Net Worth Individuals, Trusts and Estates, Family Offices, Business Owners and Wealth Managers.  Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients create generational wealth through real estate.

We created Legacy to fill a void in the Financial Services Sector.  Even the most skilled wealth managers and M&A specialists do not have in depth experience in real estate, yet real estate is typically an important component of an investment portfolio or a business. A typical advisory team includes a portfolio manager, estate planner, corporate attorney and accountant.  Our mission is to become an additional integral, trusted advisor in order to ensure that real estate is part of holistic wealth management plan.

Our services run the gamut from helping families and individuals who have inherited real estate craft a strategy to maximize value, assisting HNW individuals and Family Offices identify and analyze and secure real estate investments work with business owners to help them monetize owned real estate including creating value pre-and-post M&A, and provide strategic advice and counsel to help individuals create transferable wealth whether that is the transfer of hard assets or liquidity which can be created through real estate. 

In addition to advisory and tactical real estate services, our Principals have formed an investment platform so that we may co-invest with our clients. Our in-depth real estate experience enables us to find and create value-added real estate opportunities which can become long-term high yield investments.


For Investors:

  • Acquisition and Disposition of Real Estate
  • Debt and Equity Placement Services, including financing new acquisitions and refinancing existing assets
  • Securing Alternative Real Estate Investments including Real Estate Joint Ventures, Limited Partnerships and Opportunity Zone Funds
  • Land Development and Permitting
  • Real Estate Portfolio and Asset Management Services
  • Real Estate Turnaround Strategies
  • Real Estate Brokerage Services including Tenant Representation

For Business Owners:

  • Financing Owned Real Estate including structuring sale/leasebacks
  • Relocation, Lease Renewals, Acquisition and Disposition services
  • Creating financial value with owned real estate pre-and-post M&A
  • Cost reduction services including Operating Cost Audits, Cost Segregation, and lease restructuring

Legacy Real Estate Questions

Legacy provides strategic consulting services for High Net Worth Individuals, Families, Business Owners and their trusted advisors to maximize the value of their real estate holdings and businesses.

Legacy approaches every situation agnostically with a singular focus to help our clients align their real estate with their financial and business goals.  We work in concert with our clients advisory team to incorporate real estate as part of an overall wealth enhancement strategy.  While our firm provides comprehensive commercial real estate services we don’t  let transactions drive our strategies.  We  need to understand each clients retirement goals and transition plans prior to implementing a tactical plan for the real estate.

In many cases, business owners also own the real estate that houses the business.  Today, many business owners are seeking ways to monetize both the business and the real estate.  We create  strategy for the real estate that creates value without adversely affecting the enterprise value of the business or encumbers the sale.  We also help business owners extract value from owned real estate through a refinance, sale/leaseback, and/or repositioning obsolete assets. 

The first thing we do is understand the goal of the real estate.  Is it cash flowing or does it have development potential?  Is their financial risk associated with long-term ownership.  Is the goal to transition the real estate to the next generation, or monetize it and transition the liquidity. What are the tax implications?  Once we understand your goals including tolerance for risk, we can implement a specific plan for the real estate which can include a sale (including seller financing), refinance, joint venture development or a partnership with an operating partner, 1031 exchange, or gifting.

Our engagements range from a monthly retainer to incentive fees based on performance.  We customize our fees to align with our clients interests, and there is no charge for our initial consultations until we have come to consensus on what the complexion of the engagement involves.