At Thompson Hennessey & Partners we serve the individual investor, owner/user, limited partnerships & trusts, as well as institutions – but never landlords. Real estate is a common vehicle for employing capital to meet the investor’s return requirements and we are here to help our clients achieve their investment goals through real estate investments. At Thompson Hennessey & Partners we take the time to educate ourselves in understanding your goals so that we can help you achieve them. Our client base is segmented into two primary groups: occupiers of space and investors in commercial property.

Occupier Services:

Occupiers of space include many diverse industries and types of real estate – office, retail, industrial and residential. The needs of occupiers often include 1031 exchanges, land acquisition for a build-to-suit, analysis and structuring of sale-leaseback investment vehicles, as well as acquisition and disposition of owned assets. Let us review your holdings and goals to help you find a successful and productive use of your capital assets.

Buyer’s Representative:

Be it a family trust, pension fund advisor or national platform investor, having an advocate in the market working for you over time ensures you see the opportunities that best meet your investment criteria. While acting as your “buyer’s agent”, Thompson Hennessey & Partners will continuously uncover both on and off-market opportunities for your consideration, and truly act as your fiduciary through the process. Acquiring property can be a protracted and complicated process. However at Thomson Hennessey & Partners, we assist our clients with collating and filtering data and market dynamics in the target acquisition proximity in order to:

  • Confidentially structure an offer
  • Prepare the letter of intent that meets the buyer’s terms and conditions
  • Assist counsel to negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Work the buyer to interview vendors involved in the project, such as architects & engineers, legal counsel, contractors, etc.
  • Introduce debt and equity sources as needed for down payments, mortgages and construction financing

Family Enterprise:

A family’s real estate assets can often be a substantial part of a family enterprise or holdings. Studies have shown that assets are often under-utilized, not given proper attention, and affected by conflicting goals of various trust members. Analyses of family real estate investments requires knowledge of the partners and their individual investment criteria. Thompson Hennessey & Partners’ Family Enterprise Practice Group works closely with generational members to ensure our clients a better understanding of these interests, minimizing emotional conflicts and gaining consensus. Our goal is to provide an unbiased portfolio strategy that incorporates the options and plans of both the group and the individuals of family enterprises and trusts.