Thompson Hennessey & Partners provides high-quality, insightful market reports on topics affecting commercial real estate. Our team is constantly monitoring economic and industry indicators, analyzing patterns, and examining trends that affect our clients’ real estate decisions.

In addition to our regular and topical reports, we also provide custom research tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We provide local, regional, and global insights to arm our advisors with accurate market knowledge that creates value for our clients.

Our research division is led by Jeff Thomas, who oversees research and analytical operations for Thompson Hennessey & Partners. Jeff creates and maintains a business development strategy in research with a keen focus on analytics, technology and innovation. He employs an entrepreneurial, client-centric approach in real estate market analysis, business development, consulting services, forecasting, and publishing white papers specific to both national and regional trends.

Prior to his current role, Jeff conducted research at State Street Bank and Trust and JLL Global Services, working with the firms’ stakeholders to streamline the processes and producing critical, time-sensitive research relating to the commercial real estate industry.  Jeff has an undergraduate degree in finance from The University of Colorado, and his MBA from The University of Chicago.

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